Kayaking on the Huron River.  Skateboarding with a startup icon.  Savoring a new restaurant every day of the year.  Listening to words of wisdom from creative business leaders.  Playing frisbee golf with new friends. Rocking it out at Lunch.  

These are a few of the reasons why people love launching their careers in Ann Arbor.

AfterWork was launched to help you make the most of Ann Arbor – providing you with career and social connections that will help you succeed in work, play and life.


AfterWork 2019


Explore Ann Arbor An Inside Tour – June 7, 2019 

Ann Arbor Summer Festival Intern Tent Party  – June 14, 2019


Sonic Lunch Intern Mixer – July 11, 2019 

UM Big House Tour & Tailgate – July 25, 2019

Pricing options:

  • Explore Ann Arbor – An Inside Tour  – $30
  • Ann Arbor Summer Festival Intern Tent Party  – $30
  • Sonic Lunch Intern Mixer –  $20
  • UM Big House Tour & Tailgate  – $40

AfterWork Discount Price Options

Plan 1AfterWork Season Pass $99 (includes all four summer events)

Plan 2: Employers can create an custom schedule selecting individual events.  Advance group pricing is available.

Plan 3: Employers or interns can purchase single event tickets

For information on customized programs and pricing, please contact Amy Cell at Amy@AmyCellTalent.com.

MI Intern Matchmaking Database

Are you interested in building a talent pipeline? Do you want to bring on a college intern to help grow your business? Would you like to access our large network of internship candidates? If yes, let us help you find the perfect intern!  Contact us at info@joinusafterwork.com to find out how to access the database.

  • Intern Database Access 
  • Promotion of your internship opportunities on dozens of colleges
  • Participation in our Intern Mixer
  • Internship program advice, tools and support
  • One AfterWork Season pass (see above for details)


AfterWork was created by the community – for the community – to showcase the Ann Arbor region as a go-to destination for young professionals.

Culture – Jobs – Parks – Recreation – Entertainment – Home

AfterWork connects Ann Arbor area interns and young professionals with social and career-related events. Connecting with others helps build networks and develop social relationships. And, AfterWork members explore the Ann Arbor region together. A win-win!


AfterWork is also a win-win for employers.

Employers in the program offer their interns and recent hires a tried-and-true method to make connections with fellow young professionals – outside of the workplace – while sampling Ann Arbor’s social and cultural scenes (listening to live music at Summer Festival, shooting the rapids at Argo Park, and picnicking on the banks of the Huron River at Gallup Park, to name a few).


And the best part is, we do all the work.

We choose and plan the events, provide the communications, act as the connecting rod between your new hires and the broader community.

Supporting your employees as they engage in AfterWork events, forge new friendships, and connect with the community, is a boon for your company’s’ employee retention strategy.


Talent is key for the continued success of the Ann Arbor region.

Ensuring that college student interns have a great summer experience – both inside and outside the workplace – keeps them in our region after graduation.

Connecting young professionals that are launching their careers in Ann Arbor to some of the recreational opportunities, and to each other, will help them have a blast in this next chapter after college!

AfterWork provides:

  • A Summer Social Experience program that provides entertainment and support for college student interns, new hires and young professionals.
  • Career Development support in the forms of guest speakers, company tours and mentoring.

Employers can sponsor their interns for the AfterWork Program for the Summer.

As part of the program, your interns will have the opportunity to participate in a series of AfterWork events, with no out-of-pocket costs to interns. AfterWork Interns are invited to attend these fun events, all of which are planned and hosted by an advisory group of young professionals, and are designed to help them mix and mingle in a relaxed, natural setting.

For those employers who have yet to hire interns, you can use AfterWork as a recruitment tool, letting your interns and other new hires know what’s waiting for them upon arrival.